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Monday                    12                 March

 71st                                           294 Days

  Day                                          to come

Cloudy.  Men at DeNemo's Pump.

Sun came out about 10 so wish 

I had washed.  I did other things

called Mrs. H. and talked to her

hope she can come Thurs. to M.

meeting.  talked to Mary D. decided

for her to send flowers to Mrs. 

Clouser in Isolation ward at 

Chester Co. Hospital.  I made 

rest of button holes in the striped 

dress & put buttons on.  Telephone 

girl called, they will be down to 

put phone in Bud's house in a 

week.  Bob, Ethel & Bobby came at 6 in 

eve. to Bud's for dinner.  I went over at 

5, I set table & few things . Creamed turkey in 

                                              a good time.

[...tty??] shells, very nice. little boys had