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Tuesday                    13                 March

 72nd                                           293 Days

  Day                                            to come

dull, feels like rain.  Boys at

Dr. Heathcote''s.  Dad to Eachus.

I made bread pudding, cooked

celery & apples - wish I had washed

yesterday.  Boys at Hiram Mem.

Park after lunch.  Dad fixed

Cans for W. Dilworth after taking

check in, put $500 in Dime.  Sammy

brought over creamed turkey [???].

shells.  After supper Bud took

Kenny to Ma. L. & got fur cape &

muff to dress up in eve. for P.T.A.

at Chadd's Ford  S. wore Mama's [???]

dress. Sammy took me to Ethel's at 8

to stay with Bobby..  They went to fashion

show at Century Club & Card Party.  Bobby

was good little fellow sleep by 8-45

Bib Home 10-15, girls at 11-15