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Wednesday                    14            March

 73rd                                           292 Days

  Day                                            to come

Kenny asleep when we got to Ma. [L.?].

last eve. heavy for me to carry to car.

rainy.  Men at Eachus.  I washed

& hung in cellar as Dad 's work

things are all dirty & had to do them.

talked to Anita about serving &

M. to-morrow.  She was bringing

Lucy to help but Bessie K. being

sick Louis don't offer to come

with them.  Mrs. H. not well

enough to come either.  I

folded lot of pieces up in eve.

& put away, all dry but work

pants.  Bud out to Choir practice

in eve.  Ma. [L.?] brought Dad

[L.?] Uncle Clifford & wife down

to see Bud's House. in eve.

Dad [L.?] surely looks good, hope

he don't over do while he is Home