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Dad L. in few min. to say

Good-bye to us as he

goes back to Hospital tomorrow

He looks fine & feels good.


Saturday                    17            March

 76th                                           289 Days

  Day           St. Patrick's Day        to come

SUN out nice but clouded over.

W. washing DeSoto.  Bud changing

stove for Ellwood Bennet.  Dad

& I cut rest of lower hedge & burned

in can cleaned up a little. I

brought some yellow [lash?]

in but wish I had done it

sooner for Church to-morrow.

I was ready to go out to Church

to help Mary Ann clean when

Ethel came in.  She & Bobby & I

went to Church & Bob washed

his Car.  When we got back we cut

buttons off clothes, Dad & Bob tied

them all up in rag to send to Olsen.

She had 70 lbs.  They stayed to supper.

Bud, Sammy out to see Charlie & [Joyce??]