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Bud used DeSoto to take Dad L.

back to Hospital.  Ma L. had

Bud, Sammy & Kenny up for dinner at 3

then at 5 they left for Hospital.

I think he will soon be sent Home


Sunday                    18            March

 77th                                        288 Days

  Day            Palm Sunday          to come

Beautiful day.  Sammy took Kenny to

S.S. Bud to Church with Dad & I.

Choir sang real nice selc. & Bud did

solo part real good.  nice crowd.

Bud had plowed up piece of ground

in garden & after he came Home he

planted row of peas.   Bob & Bobby

down for us at 12-30.  took us up

& Ethel had nice dinner.  Bobby took

little nap then Bob took all of us

but Dad for ride.  He looked at T.V.

& took nap.  Bob got little toy chest

he had made for Bobby toys.  real

nice.  man from Coatesville made it.

Got Dad, then to Rocky Hill to see Biob

& [Anna?] Highley's House & on Home.  Gave Bobby

supper & we had ham sandwich.  They left

at 8 for Home.  Bud back by 9.