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Monday                    19              March

 78th                                          287 Days

  Day        Monday in Holy Week    to come

cloudy & nasty east wind.  Men

in shop on Eachus tank.

I washed few pieces & hung in

cellar.  Am tired or lazy, don't feel

like doing anything so read a

good part of day.  Came on rain

by 4.  Sammy up to Dr. L. took

Kenny with her, getting real nasty

by time she got Home.  Edna S.

called, wanted to talk to her.

Hope it isn't too nasty for the

people to go see Ethel's place

to-night.  Bob works to-night

raining hard & blowing terrble

by 10, most of night.  I can't

sleep when it is windy it seems

Bud working over in his cellar.