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putting telephone in for Bud



Tuesday                    20              March

 79th                                          286 Days

 Day        Tuesday in Holy Week    to come

Beautiful day.  pretty widy.  Men

finished tank then up to Eachus.

Kenny overl ittle while in morn.  Dad

& I counted Church money & he

took it to Bank.  I went along

looked at dresses in [Montellors??] but

no navy left.  I got 6 [hanks?] of yarn

at little shop for rug.  Dad bought

me Home than back to Eachus.

I [took?] forwards & went to see Mary

Mary & Bill Hutton came in.  He &

John went for ride.  We talked for

awhike then came Home.  Mary H.

is pretty crippled with that hip.

Dad & I up to Historical M. in eve.

Dr. Wildman speaker in trust & Dr.

Arthur James led meeting.  Mem. for Dr.