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Thursday                    22             March

 81st                                          284 Days

  Day        Maundy Thursday         to come

Boys at Ernest Faucetts

After lunch Dad & W. at Eachus.

Nice Day.  cold & little snow from last

night but sun came out & it

was soon gone.  Ethel down by 9-30

with Bobby.  She took Sammy over to

Gladys B. to rug class.  Kenny & Bobby

had a good time just having real

fun when Mommies got Home.  We

made sandwiches & all had lunch 

here.  Then little boys took short 

naps. I went up with Ethel at

4. got few things & met Sammny.

Ethel on to get Bob & quick supper

as he works to-night.  Sammy couldn't

get any pansies.  Home by 5.  Bud

out to choir practice in eve.

Ethel has a lot done on her rug.

& looks nice too.  I am not doing so good.