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Thursday                    23             March

 82nd                                         283 Days

  Day        Good Friday                to come

Beautiful day.  Boys at Ernest {Stoll????]

starting her new kitchen.  Dad in shop

on different things.  I cleaned up a

little, turned my mattress.  Kenny over

little while.  Sammy & he over to [Mordy?]

green-house (Titters' now) for pansies

taking them to Edna's to put

each in a paper cup with bunny

on for little tots at Easter Sun.

She brought me 2 geranuims

salmon pink & little deeper one

very pretty.  Bud & [Larry] at Grange

Bud has over-seer part in 4th degree

with George as Master.  I gave

Kenny a bath & read awhile to

him, soon fast asleep, he was

so tired.  I read till they came Home [???]