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Sunday                    25             March

 84th                                       281 Days

  Day             Easter Day             to come

Beautiful day.  Sammy took Kenny

to S.S.  Bud, Dad & I to Church.

Sammy & K. sat with us in Church

Sorry Ethel & Bob couldn't come

but Bobby can't sit yet.  Church

was nearly filled, surely nice.

Choir sang nice slec.   Mary[Ann?]

at Organ.  Nice coll. $35.  We had

dinner at 1 & Dad & I up to Ethel

Mama didn't feel like going

Bud & Sammy & K. away with

[Steeles?]  After Ethel & B. had their

dinner We went for little

ride.  road is all torn up

above them & start tearing up

concrete from their drive to-morrow

Bud home by 10:30.  had good time