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Tuesday                    27             March

 86th                                         279 Days

  Day                                         to come

clear & nice.  Boys up to [Hartshow?]

house (he sold) to hook up a

bendix washer.  then in after-noon

all men at [Remerich?].  Dad to

Eachus in morn.  I ironed & mend

ed few things.  was going to

fix Sanny's other rug but had

to wait for Bud to lift book-

case.  He brought it over in eve.

Dad took our check up & put

$360.00 more in Dime. & told them

he would want large sum

by June.  can have any time

they told him.  Mama feels much

better she says so will go to

sew to-morrow.  Her eyes are really

getting bad but don't want to tell her