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Bob received his down pay't on place

to-night         $800.00


Wednesday                    28          March

 87th                                          278 Days

  Day                                          to come

Nice day till 3-30 came on rain.

Men to Eachus.  I fixed things

for lunch.  Went up with Dad

to Aneta's & on to [Lauries??] with L.

Kellam, Bessie & Miss Garret.  Anita

& I got things for lunch (fish)  [hellen??]

[S.?] baked cake for Sara.  We had

nice day, worked on socks & quilts.

[S. or is it L.?] Kellam brought me Home

in rain.  Howard gave me roots 

of rhubarb to plant.  Sammy got

me $4 of yarn to-day for rug.

I did a little on it in eve.

but got too sleepy & eyes not too

good.  Edna S. called can't come

to-morrow.  Not going to be very

good day am afraid.  bed 11