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Thursday                    29            March

 88th                                          277 Days

  Day                                          to come

Raining.  I got things to-gether

after men went to Carnills ready

to go to Church at 10.  Dad back

& took me out, also Mrs. Collins

Bessie W. brought Ida M.  [Lories??]

brought Bessie, Aneta & Laura.

Had nice day  Mrs. Brown came too.

worked on socks & quilt pieces.

[Oberlie?] came in her Car.  Home

by 4-15.  Hope the oil-burner will

start all-right for Sunday as 

Dad had to work on it before

we could take our coats off.

After supper I talked to Ethel

She had shopped altho Bobby

don't seem too good, at least he

has been getting them up at night.