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Friday                    30            March

 89th                                      276 Days

  Day                                       to come

Raining & windy.  Boys to Carnills

Dad in shop for C. Davis.  He took

Sammy, K. & I to Smiths' for order.

I put binding on 2nd rug for Sammy.

Ethel called, Bob had a dizzy

spell at work.  going Home.  I wish

I had Bobby as he won't leave his 

Dad alone I'm afraid.  He needs

sleep.  Dr. Limburg said blood pressure

was normal, might be eyes 

so sending him to McClure,

eye specialist.  Bud having a 

Com. meeting at his house to-

night.  surely raining when

they came.  9 adult, 5 children.

hard on Kenny's toys, Sammy said

a basket full broken up.