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Saturday                    31          March

 90th                                      275 Days

  Day                                       to come

Beautiful day.  Boys at Darlington

Corner, small job  Then to Eachus

Dad in shop.  I fixed [L or Sammy's??]

chair ready for him to put back

on.  Bud Home at 11-30.  We had

quick lunch & in to W.C. in truck

They thought they might get

a kitchen table at Cresley's sale but

only junk. On to [Simon's?], got seeds

& ordered tomato plants at McCoys

or Ritter's.  Home by 3.  Bud worked

on drive.  getting dug out for stone.

Bob & Ethel & Bobby in about 4 for

little while  Bob feels better but

don't look good.  Dad out to

Church to see if burner is all-right

some-one had puts books straight