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Helen Kirk Tatchell has a baby boy.


Sunday                    1            April

 91st                                     274 Days

 Day  1st Sunday after Easter   to come

Communion Service to-day.

Nice day.  Sammy took Kenny to S.S.

Mrs. Webber taking over her class

to-day.  Dad & I at Church.

Bud didn't go.  a fair congregation

planned for Ernest [J??]:  sale on

Sat. next.  Joe B. will bring things

from Grange Hall we might

need.  We had dinner at 2

and at 3 Bob & Ethel & Bobby

came in.  Bud & Dad had

just gone to grass fire down

by Waltrers: fire Co. there.  Not

much damage.  Dad & Bud

soon back.  Kenny & Bobby rode in

Cart hooked onto tracker carrying

dirt from drive, had lots of fun.

Bud took pictures.  had a bite

& they left at 7.