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Ethel taking Bobby to Dr. Lewis for

check-up at 2-15


Monday                   2             April

 92nd                                     273 Days

 Day   Annunciaton B.V. Mary   to come

SUN trying to stay out.  Boys over

to Ed. Hughes.  Dad to Eachus.

I washed out few things by hand.

W to [Ansty's] at 11.  Bud to W.C.

for supplies.  Dad & I finished

Bud's chair, put slip cover on, he

& Dad carried it over at noon.  looks

real nice.  Boys at Ernest [J or T:?] (where

Miller lived) to unhook rad.  then

all up to Eachus.  I am lazy

not doing anything much.  should

be doing my rug.  I went to Mrs.

Smith about 4:30 & I ordered ham

& half [smoker?] for Sale on Sat.  at

Ernest Faucetts:  Ethel didn't get

down in after-noon, came on heavy

rain so expect she went Home

with Bobby.