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Ethel says Bobby has head cold


Friday               6             April

 96th                               269 Days

 Day         Army Day         to come

I mailed bills at Post Office.

Clear.  Boys at Harvey Waltz and

all worked on cess pool in our

garden.  Machine surely did tear

ground up & broke wood work

on little bay window.  Just drove

my Rhubarb down into ground.

[Sammy?] Kenny & I went shopping.

Then I took ham to Mrs. Smith

& she sliced it for sandwiches.  I

gave her order for to-morrow.

We went to [Stalker's?] & got paper

cups, napkins & pie plates.  After

super I ground canned ham

with onion & pickle, made pie

crust & lined pan ready for morn[ing]

Dad over to Wylie's having

budget meeting.  Late getting Home.