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very hot


Saturday             7            April

 97th                                268 Days

 Day                                 to come

Ernest [J....?] Sale.  Missionary [& W. C.T.U.]

served lunch 50-50

Beautiful day.  I made custard pie

& lenom Meringue.  loaded things in

car.  Bud went to Eachus for hot

water & ice for soft drink.  Dad took

me down at 9 to store got rolls, bread

& order & on to Ernests: others just

getting there.  made sandwiches in

kitchen where Dora used to live & had

stand in machine shed.  Joe made

coffee there on oil stove & sold

hot-dogs .15 & ham sandwiches .25

coffee .10.  Ernest gave us $10.00  [Lenny?]

made peach pie.  We had 31 pies.

All Home by 3.   Joe will take the

tables to Grange Hall for their                                                                                         

supper.  Dad & I up to keep Bobby as

Bob & Ethel are going to Dance at Grange

little fellow was sick in eve.