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Sunday             8                   April

 98th                                     267 Days

 Day   2nd Sunday after Easter   to come

clear. little cooler than yesterday

Sammy took Kenny to S.S.  Dad

& I at Church.  Not many there

I had 3 more dollars given

Mrs. H., [Fanny??] & Bessie W. making

$45.00 clear.  Not bad. Ethel, Bob,

& Bobby down by [2??] & we had

our dinner (steak)  I had made

lemon M. pie in morning.  Bobby

has nasty head cold, nose running

& head full.  also nastry cough.

About 4-30 Ed. Chester brought our

tractor back they were using so

Bob plowed up little piece in our

garden ready for onions.  looks

pretty wet to me. They left about

6 as Bobby was getting tired.