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Howard taking ladies to meeting

at Kennet.


Thursday             12           April

 102nd                               263 Days

 Day                                 to come

I didn't got to Kennet to W.C.T.O. convention

cloudy & nasty wind blowing.

Men finished moving pile of

dirt then started cleaning out

water tank in cellar.  water has

been so cloudy lately.  tanks were

loaded with muddy sludge

I ran sweeper round a little

came on heavy rain by 4 & was

very heavy in early eve.  Bud took

[Sammy or Larry?] & Kenny to U.C. she went to

Century Club meeting, Kenny with

Ma.L.  Bud to [planning (joining)??] 

meeting at Veteran's building.  Not

back till 12 o'clock, too late for that

little fellow.  had about stopped

raining & getting cooler.  work

has certainly slowed down.