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Ethel has nice lot of daffy, again this year


Friday                     13                    April

 103rd                                            262 Days

 Day   Thomas Jefferson - Born 1743  to come

Nice day. cool.  Boys fixed gate for Dr.

H. & painted it.  Dad & Bud building

little addition to his garage for tractor

& storage.  Sammy left 7-45 to go to Dr.

Lewis, she brought Kenny over, poor little

chap was sick at his stomach all

morn.  even brought up a drink of

water.  She got me a little meat. I

went up with Dad at 1-30 on his

way to Eachus with boys.  he took

Anita & I up to Methodist Church

W.C.T.U meeting.  fair crowd.  Dr. & Mrs.

James, Missionaries from India

spoke.  wish the Church has been

full to hear him.  After supper Dad

& I up to keep Bobby, Bob & Ethel out to

Sister'a Night at Grange.  road not oo bad.

He slept good for me.