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Ethel's daffie's are beautiful.


Sunday                     15                 April

 105th                                            260 Days

Day    3rd Sunday after Easter         to come
clear, nice day.  Bud moved a 
lot of things & put in lean too on his
garage.  Dad & I at Church.  We had
a bite after then Bud,  Sammy, Kenny
Mama, Dad & I took ride.  Bud
drove DeSoto & we went to see
new Del. Mem. bridge that is
to be finished by July.  stopped
on way back at [T or Passmore]
had ice-cream cones, good.  I
was getting our dinner when
Bob, Ethel & Bobby came in.  She
brought daffys & jar of rhubarb.
They had their dinner.  After Bobby
had his supper Etherl & Bob over 
to see Bud &  Sammy few min.  Ma. [??]
out also.  Bobby was good little Fellow.