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Tuesday                     17                    April

 107th                                            258 Days

 Day                                                to come

clear.  Boys at Wilmer [L or Sanguy's] radiator

Dad at Eachus.  Boys at Horace

Williamson's new pump after

lunch.  Dad took check for School

up so I went along, got ribbon

for apron bands, material for 2 

more aprons & green for [swing]. A

job to cover but must be done

this spring.  Dad worked a little

on board at dining R window

roof,  big machine broke it badly

coming in to dig sewer.  It will

need painting & quite a lot of  

fixing.  I am getting things 

ready for Thurs. sewing, told                     

Anita I [wouldn't?] go to-morrow

U.C. I.O. sewing at Elkins,  Am keeping [ busy???]