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Ethel brought me bunch of daffies


Wednesday           18               April

 108th                                     257 Days

 Day                                        to come

Bud plowed lower garden again.

hope we can get some onions in soon.

Beautiful day.  Boys back to Wilmer

[L or Sanguy] & brought radiator Home

trying to stop leak.  then to Dr.

Heathcotes.  Ethel brought Bobby

& left him, took  Sammy & Kenny to

Dot Abrams' rug class.  Bobby was

good little fellow.  They got back 

at 12, had lunch & put Bobby down

for short nap.  then Ethel took

us to Wilm. to get her rose

yarn for rug.  stopped at

Tassmore stand coming back

had cone, but Bobby don't like

ice cream much too cold.  I

cut 2 aprons out of Bessier W.

material for 2 aprons for her

to make.