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MacArthur made speech  to Congress.


Thursday           19                  April

 109th                                     256 Days

 Day   Patriot's day (Mass., Me.)  to come      

[Elwood?]  Bennet plowed part of Mease lot

next to us.

Rainy. Boys at Louis Kellam's.  Dad

at Eachus.  I got things ready

to go to Church sewing but Dad

didn't get back so I called Aneta

& they stopped for me.  Not many  

there Ida, Bessie w. Lillian Brown

Mrs. Chafts, Bessie K. Aneta & me.

worked on socks & getting Quilt

ready to finish [or?] put to-gether.

I brought Home takes too long 

there.  I got Mama's & I supper

Dad down to School Athletic

Banquet at 6-30.  We listened

to Radio & at 10:30 MacArthur

speech to Congress.  Dad got

home at 9-30.  All in bed by 11.

Ladies liked my pretty apron I

had made from clients material