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Friday           20               April

 110th                             255 Days

 Day                                 to come

clear & cool.  Boys to Harpers at

Thornton till noon then to L.

Kellams.  Dad at Eachus.  I worked

on little Quilt I had brought Home.

got back ready, big job & takes

so much time.   I had it ready

to stitch then Sammy, Kenny & I

down to Smith's for order.  I met

Joe B. & bought 2 tickets for 

our Grange supper to-morrow

night.  Bud trying to level

ground a little in back of his 

House.  I should be out cleaning

up a little but too cold for me

Ken & Eddie stopped in to see

about heat job.  Betty up at Hospital

My little glass bowl on Radio

fell off & smashed all up.