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1st Sat. Walter not here.


Saturday           21               April

 111th                             254 Days

 Day                                 to come

Beautiful day.  Dad & Bud had

to go to Eachus.  Ed. Chester called

last night.  After lunch Bud

taking cake to U.C. for Grange &

Kenny to get hair-cut so I went

along, got steak & few things for

Sammy at Acme, Market St.  Had to

wait quite awhile for hair-cut

so many there.  After we got back

Dad planted Bob's onions & Bud

plowed ground between bean

poles & got ready for onions.  Dad & 

I left at 4-40 after I got Mama's

bite ready & went to Grange Hall

for supper.  [S?] Kellam, Bessie, Aneta

&[Cloudir?] came in soon so we all

ate to-gether.  Nice supper & back in

time to help plant onions.