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rained hard last night.


Sunday           22                         April

 112th                                         253 Days

 Day    4th Sunday after Easter       to come

Nice day.  Dad & I at Church.  Bud &

Sammy & Kenny planting small seeds

carrots, beets, spinich & radish's short

rows by garage.  Ethel, Bob, & Bobby in to

see Ma. J. about 3 o'clock for little

while then came down about 5.

I put steak in to broil after [biscuts?]

came out & we ate about 5-30.  Bud

came in & asked Bobby if he was 

coming to see Kenny.  He got his suit

& hat & went with Uncle Bud  real

cute.   Bob & Ethel went soon also

as men are practicing for Brother 

night.  Sammy had several there

for pie & coffee. ice cream for children.  

Dad & I listened to Radio till 10-30

then Bob & Ethel just leaving.  Bobby

should be tired.