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Dad L. Home to stay


Tuesday           24             April

 114th                             251 Days

 Day                               to come

Beautiful day.  Bud up at W.C.

learning new ways with Pumps

Guest of Clompus.  Dad & W. at

Eachus till noon then to Ralph

Passmore's.  I finished ironing

then took measures for [L or Sammy's]

kitchen curtains.  I dug along

flowers a little, can't stay at

it too long.  cut ruffles of green

check & worked on those till

supper time.  Bud back a 5-30

to take [L or Sammy] & Kenny up to see Pop

Pop L. when he gets Home then

Bud gets his supper free at [V.T's.]

Amost 7-15 in comes Bob & Ethel

going to Wilm. to see Danny's wife

in Hospital with little boy.  Bobby [ did???]

mind [them ??? a ???.]