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Wednesday           25           April

 115th                                 250 Days

 Day   St. Mark, Evangelist     to come

little dull, like rain coming.  SUN.

trying to shine.  Bud back to

W.C. to learn new things about 

Pumps.  Dad & W. at Mrs. Harper's

sink till noon then to C. Andress.

I worked on curtains for [L or Sammy]

over sink.  gave Ann Davis 2 aprons

to make for festival, I had cut

them out and she will make

them.  Ann was over at [L or Sammy's] to

get Henrietta, she was playng 

with Kenny.  They do play nice

to-gether.  Bud down at 5

but [L or Sammy] & Kenny didn't go back

with him to-night.  really [keeps?]

Kenny too late.  I think Bud is

enjoying it.