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Dad & Bud planted 250 straw-

berry plants    200 from

Stalker's  50 from Tom P.


Sunday           29             April

 119th                             246 Days

 Day       Rogation Sunday   to come


Nice day.  [L or Sammy] took Kenny to S. S.

Dad & I at Church.  I cooked chicken 

in morn so had our dinner at

2 & at 3 Bob & Ethel came down.

I was over at [Lanny's?] meeting Dad

L.  Ma [L.?] & Aunt Grace.  He is so happy

to be home & looks fine.  [Bobby?] & Kenny

had a good time playing & Bud

hauled them in Cart with dirt

he is using to grade back yard.

Aunt Emily & Ma. J. came in about

4-30, We sat & talked & [L or Sammy?] showed

them her House insdie.  They left

at 6 & we came in, got Bobby his supper

& I made us a chicken sandwich

They left at 7-30. Brought me 3

clumps of Rhubard.  Dad up with Bob

to work on their cess-pool.