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Monday           30             April

 120th                             245 Days

 Day       Rogation Day       to come


Beautiful day.  Dad took Church [Money?]

in to Bank.  Boys at Eachus painting

Dad &  Bud at [L or Teat's] to look at job

I took kitchen curtains over & put 

up for [L or Sammy] then got her living

R. ones.  Dad & Bud Home by 1-15 for lunch

they decided to go to Ken's & look

place over as he wants them to

put heat in for Apart over shop.

[L or Sammy] has big wash on line

and are drying grand.  I did

a few pieces, Mama's dress & apron

I dug a little along flowers be

tween other things.  We had 10

or 12 cows over our garden last

night. didn't do too much damage

but broke white [azealear?] out front.