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Tuesday           1             May

 121st                             244 Days

 Day St. Phillip and St. James, Apostles-Rogation Day  to come    


Nice day.  W. at roof at Eachus.  Bud

to Louis Kellam putting tile board on

bath-room.  Dad worked a little

on Ethel's table then to Eachus.  I  

cut long curtains for L or Sammy] & put on

2 hall windows, really looked nice

I put 1 ruffle [???] the stitches.    

Dad brought lily bulbs

up from cellar & we planted

them out in little bed, Kenny  

helping us.  Mama sitting

out a little.  Am afraid she is

getting short of breath again.

I cleaned my bed-room a little  

wish we would get a little

rain for straw-berries.  Dad to

[L/R] meeting in eve.  [L or Sammy to Century

                                  Club with Eleanore.