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Dad painted bench table


Thursday          3            May

123rd                            243 Days

Day        Ascension Day   to come


Beautiful day.  Boys at Eachus.

Dad around home till noon then

he went there also.  Kauffman's

bought red stool I had bought

for Ethel's Birthday $17.00 [L or Sammy]

has rug class to-day.  4 little

boys having a good time Bobby,

Kenny, Dickie W. & Jimmie S.  Dad took

me to Church at 10-15 & we started

sewing.  [Emma???] Davis brought Mary

P. out to meeting in after-noon.  We

had 7 for lunch, started our chair

pillows.  I took Quilt I had finished

at Home, they liked it.  Mrs. Charty brought

more pretty pieces.  Bessie W. & I cleaned

up after meeting & in eve. cleaned

up-stairs a little  few drops of rain