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Friday          4            May

124th                        241 Days

Day                            to come


cloudy, colder, hope it will rain. Dad

& W. at Eachus.  Bud meeting

filter man & taking him to

[DeNemi's]. then to Eachus after

lunch. [L or Samy], Kenny & I shopping.

We went to Willow Brook on our

way to U.C. to see if we liked

the meat.  looked nice so I

got a 9 lb rib roast for Sun.

& small steak, on into Lauson's

& put in ice-box while we shopped

Home by noon.  I cleaned a little

in after-noon & brought in some

more lilacs's, wont last long.

My [azalia] is beautiful in

bed. cow broke the white one

but what is left is pretty.