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Bob has new glasses but seem much weaker


Saturday          5            May

125th                        240 Days

Day                            to come


Nice day.  Dad painted little table on

porch, cut front hedge, painted screens

off bed-R. wondows & took storm windows

off.  Bud [sawing] out screen frames

& fitting screen door ready to paint.

Bob brought Ethel & Bobby down & left them

[torla???] Dad to help him fix sewer pipe.

Charlie, Joyce, Joey & Jimmy came in awhile

boys had a good time playing.  Ethel

finishing hemming her rug, surely

pretty.  I showed them her red-stool.

They had good time talking, Larry

over too. late when Bob got back so

Ethel gave Bobby his supper & they left

at 5-30.  We soon had supper but

I didn't get down to store as they close

at 7-30.  Dad & Ma. [L.] down awhile.