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nice shower last night


Monday          7            May

127th                        238 Days

Day                            to come


Beautiful day.  Men at Wm. [Leates]

roof. I did good sized wash &

hung all out.  [L or Samy] washed.  Dad

L. drove Car down & feels pretty good.

Mama not quite so short of

breath to-day, but called Dr. H

He will come to-morrow to see her

Mary [T or Parry] walked over, 1st she has

been here since last fall, her leg

still nasty color but not sore

to the touch & Dr. Clark told

her to walk out on it.  She stayed

& talked to Mama, then looked

in Bud & [L or Samy's] House thought

it was nice, fell in love with the

corner cup-boards.  [L or Samy] doing bills

in eve.  I brought Church acc't up on

adding machine ready for Wed.