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Dr. H. out to see Mama.

gave her some digatilis

for her heart.  tired.

Bud & Dad planted 2 rows

of corn in eve


Tuesday          8            May

128th                        237 Days

Day                            to come


Clear.  W. to [Teate's] to finish.  Bud

to [Clomopus] to get material for

Mr. Fisher.  Dad to bank

with S. money, Church book

of Dime for Int. brought back

4 day.  tomato plants dug the

holes but so windy didn't

plant them till eve.  Bud

helped him then.  Dad L. had

been down in morn. & painted

screen door.  I did ironing in

morn. then worked on aprons

in after-noon.  talked to Ethel

in eve.  Bobby has nasty cough

but no head cold.  She is going

to pack some dishes in barrels

in garage ready to move.  [L or Samy]

mailed out bills.