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Mama stayed in bed for me

as Dr. is purging her 

pretty hard & makes her feel weak.


Wednesday         9            May

129th                               236 Days

Day                                    to come

Congregational meeting in eve.


Beautiful day.  Boys have to go

to Aneta's first at her place all day then Bud will

get supplies for Fisher's.  Kenny

not very good, sick stomach.

Dad took swing diwn & getting

it apart so I can cover end pieces

painting front porch, also swing.

I made 2  more pretty aprons.

Mama is better.  Had Dr. [C.] for

Kenny, high fever & he said his

throat was sore.  He had chill

last night.  Dad, Bud & I out in

eve. a little wile to meeting.

Joe B. Chair. Wm. Wylie Sec.  I 

nominated him, he wil write

nice minutes.  Put Ernest [Stelling]

in as trustee in McCowan's place.