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Luch Mc[??Coy's] W.C.T.U. meeting


Thursday             10          May

 130th                               235 Days

 Day                                  to come

[Man] here stopping leak in oil burner.

dull at first but Sun came out.

much cooler.  W. at [?? Tisher's].  Bud

to W.C. Dr. H., C. Andress, R. Toasmore  W. [??Fairlamb]

Dad to W.C. to pay [?? Clompus].  He

made out several check & sent.

Kenny much better.  I talked to

Ethel, Bobby has a fever too but 

she hopes he is better to-day.

Has hard cough.  She took him

to Dr. Lewis after lunch & he found

a sore throat.  Bobby is so hard to

Dr. can't get medicine in him, Bob

didn't work in eve. as he cried so

for is Daddy.   I stayed with Kenny

in after-noon while [?? L or Sammy] went to

Dr. Lewis.  He told her in another week

Baby should be here.  A shock to her as

she thought she had a Mo. yet.