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Friday              11          May

 131st                             234 Days

 Day                                  to come


raining just grand, not too heavy.

cool.  Boys at W. [?? Fairlambs'] pump.

then to W. [?? Tanguys']  Ethel called for

Eachus in after-noon.

Dad to take [he] to Dr. Lewis with

Bobby for shot of Penicillen as he

won't take medicine.  He & I went

right away.  he is pretty raspy on

chest so hope it will help him.

Back by 11.  Kenny real good this

morn.  Dad & I to W.C. after lunch

took 3 checks to put in check. Acct &

on to get a few groceries, met Bob in [M...]

 About 4 went down to Smith's, got
order for [L or Sammy] too.  After supper
static heavy on Radio, &  wasn't
long before thunder rolled & heavy
storm  several claps close by.