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Betty, Ken & Ed. here last eve. while

we were at [?? Ethel's]  Bud talked to

them about heat & too high for Ken.

trying to cut bid some how.


Sunday            13                         May

 133rd                                          232 Days

 Day     Mother's Day-Whitsunday    to come


clear & cool.  Dad & I at Church.

Bud didn't go. Fair congregation.

Carrie had come out while we were

there, sure suprised to see her.  Her

nephew brought her out.  Mama glad

to see her.  I soon had dinner as I

had chicken cooked.  She told me

Mary had a stroke last Jan.

but they didn't want her to let

me know.  She has a nurse

all the time (colored) as she was

partly paralyzed.  Carrie liked Bud's

house.  We took her to 5-30 trolly

as she had to go to [?? Blair's] Parlor

to a viewing.  Ethel called, Bobby

seems better, goes in mon to Dr. [??L],

but Bob can take him, (between times

at his work)