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Bob takes his Mother to Hospital

this after-noon.


Monday              14                    May

 134th                                       231 Days

 Day    Monday in Whitsun Week    to come


Beautiful day.  Boys at Mrs. Ray

Smith, the Dad with them to [Eauchas].

Dad working on Ethel's table.

[L or Sammy] up with Dad [??L.] to get her

hair cut!  Kenny along.   I washed

few things by hand & hung out

Dad's over-coat & my heavy B. coat

washed thin blue dress in [?? R///]

also 2 tone dress & put Dad's good

blue pants in. surely dirty.

don't seem to be much odor.

I worked on little Quilt, stitched

it, then finished it around edge.

2nd one we have made.  Jake & Mil

over to see Bud's house, [Phobe] & Billy

over when Sarah came for some

School checks.  C. Davis took bad

from sick spell he has had