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Tuesday          15                       May

 135th                                        230 Days

 Day    Tuesday in Whitsun Week    to come


Beautiful day.  Men at Eachus.

I carried up chairs from cellar

cleaned them & put seat covers on

also bed on settie.  Dad had brought

rug down from porch & I cleaned

windows.  Porch looks nice.  Martha

walked over, she has boil in her ear

& wanted me to look at it.  talked

to Ethel, Ma J. can't have any-

thing done to-day as Dr. couldn't

be there so have to wait till to-

morrow.  Ethel didn't want to go

this eve. to see her just Bob, so

we won't go up unless she calls.

her cough is nasty, better for

her not to go / talks much.  She

says Bobby seems little better