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Ma. J. has operation this morn.

Ether made her pretty sick.

at stomach.

Tom Parry has carbuncle on neck.


Wednesday          16          May

 136th                            299 Days

 Day      Easter Sunday     to come


Beautiful day.  came out hot.

Boys at Lutheran Church [????]

Dad around Home working in

garden. Dad [L.] painting Bud's

front door.  Dad took me to [Leonar??]

got pretty Bag Baby for [L or Sammy's] & [??refi]

for bathenette Ethel had ordered. 

Mama has nasty eye.  blood-

vessel broke. I washed it with

warm boric acid.  Boys at Ripley's

in after-noon also.  After supper

Dad & I up to keep Bobby.  Bob &

Ethel in to have [Static] papers signed

at R. Heald's to get there damage

money [$1950.00??]. then up to see Ma. J.

She not too good.  I got Bobby asleep by 9.