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Bobby Birthday & Ma. J, also.

2 to-day


Friday              18            May

 138th        Ember Day      227   Days

Day                                   to come

too bad no Party for Bobby but bwill

have to be later.

very dull & very cold,  hail some

where I guess.  Boys at Ralph

Tassmore's.  Dad in shop.  Boys

also over to Stewart, hot water

boiler bad shape.  Bud got his

hand & arm burned, one big

blister on hand so he couldn't

go to degree work at Grange  Honey-[brake]

as over-seer.  Dad took me up

at 3, I got chicken for Ethel, Card

& little shirts & Brown pants for Bobby.

Dad & I went up after supper, took

little wheel- barrow he had put a

wooden wheel on & gave $5. toward

a coat later.  Bob in to see Ma. J much

better.  Ethel had pretty cake, we had

berries in cream & cake when Bob got Home