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 Baby Jean Carol at 8-14 in eve.

6 lb. 4 oz.


Tuesday             21           May

 142nd                            223 Days

  Day      Maritime Day      to come


little dull but came out pretty &

clear.  I washed & hung all in cellar.  Men at

Sammy washed fair sized one.

Dad L. down & fitted screen

door on back door.  He went

Home at noon.  I put hammock

up & Kenny having fuin in it.

Almost 6 o'clock Bud came in

to me said water had come with

Sammy.  I told him to hurry but

they didn't go till 7-30.  Baby

arrived 8-14 little girl Jean

Carol, very pretty name.  I had

given Kenny bath & was reading

to him when Bud came.  He told

him he had a little Sister.  lot of questions