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 & wanted his [Momie] but was

really good little fellow.


Wednesday     23           May

 143rd                           222 Days

  Day                              to come


 Ken & Ed. brought mower over for Church.

raining hard.  W. up-stairs painting

Not much work for men just now.

Kenny slept late 8-30, so excited last

night.  ate good breakfast, lunch

& supper.  I ironed in morning

& Ethel brought Bobby at to stay

as they were to settle with Mrs.

Jones. & [Horning's] with them.  little

boys had a big after-noon.  Ethel

came for Bobby & they had wasted

the time (no settlement) I had steak

for supper.  Kenny ate good supper

& grunted for me.  Bud up to see

Samy in eve.  Kenny didn't want to 

go to Dad L. I gave him bath &

was asleep byb 8-15. tired little

fellow.  Bud said Samny was all-rignt