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 Baby Jean has lost 4 ounces now 6 lb


Tuesday             24           May

 144th                              221 Days

  Day      Corpus Christi      to come


damp, dull & chilly.  Bud to Paul

Willitts & Mrs. Marshall.  W. up-stairs pinting.  Dad

& Bud seeing about Pump  for DeNemo.

Kenny up at 7-30, ate good breakfast,

I washed his things & hung in cellar.

made custards & rice pudding.

After lunch we went over & I read

to him laying on big bed.  We both

had nap.  I ironed his things

that Sammy had washed while he

slept.  [Aunt] Ethel & Bobby came in few

min.  He ate good supper liked rice

pudding, baked potato & stewed tomato &

hamburg gravy.  He was out little

while with Bud mowing grass.

Dad & I took him up to see Bobby while

Earl was up to see Sammy.  Hiome at 9

no bath to-night.